Divine Nourishment School is a virtual collaborative site that offers courses in alignment with our year-long mentorship and support for connecting with the Mother's wisdom. We have designed these courses for you to take at your leisure. Including the Level One Year-Long Mentorship. We have also primarily designed these courses in audio form with a few handouts so you do not need to schedule yourself for a live class, you can live anywhere in the world, and you do not need to sit in front of a computer to take them.

The foundation of the Divine Nourishment School and Mentorship is reconnecting to right relationship with our Mother Earth through re-acquainting ourselves with her wisdom, guidance and support. A relationship we all experienced when we did not feel any separation from her. It is not news to anyone we are in critical need of a shift in our collective consciousness that reflects a return to a sacred relationship with our natural world. This school is dedicated to supporting you to remember. 

The irony in this shift in consciousness, is as we deepen our connection, love, respect, honoring and stewardship of Mother Earth, we are doing the same for ourselves. When we feel our own value, we feel the value of all our relations. Our survival is depending on it. So, given that, we are doing our best to offer these courses in a way that you can listen with your earbuds and phone as you are out gardening, hiking, sitting under a tree, watching a sunset, or moon rise. Whatever works for you to spend more time with nature, while making use of the technology that makes it possible to offer you this support in a way that can be integrated into your life. 

This collaborative site is a place that supports women who have taken the year-long mentorship to step into a larger version of themselves with the confidence and self- value strengthened from doing the program. It is a venue to offer the incredible gifts they have that supports our vision of honoring our Mother, and the feminine principle that has been missing in our world for far too long, so we may contribute to bringing balance needed for life to continue in harmony with the law of nature, and our sacred walk with her as Divine intelligence in form.

This school is an ongoing organic work in progress. Stay tuned, and return to see what new courses we are continuing to create and offer throughout the year. If you’d like to be notified when we have a new course, subscribe to our newsletter. We would be delighted to let you know what we’re offering next!

Access a Free PDF version of the dynamic novel, Meena, authored by Mary Lane.

"Learning from Mary has been a true blessing in my life. Before meeting Mary I read Meena, which was profoundly impactful for my own journey. Now, I've had the honor of learning from Mary in her year long mentorship program, where I'm learning how to connect more deeply with the divine feminine within and around me in the beauty reflected through the natural world. I am now feeling empowered to utilize techniques such as the 5 element cooking practices, honoring the seasonal changes, deepening my relationship to herbal medicine, sacred ritual and so much more! I highly recommend any of Mary's courses! She is the real deal, and you will be nourished by the wisdom she embodies."

-Lauren Marchand